Niaar industrial supply, represents and provides sales and marketing services for international companies. The selection of companies to represent is based on the principal reputation, high standard and quality of products and services.

Our company has a highly qualified professional sales team who are always available to promote and market the products of our principals and to give all the necessary support expected from the principals to the clients.

We always strive to serve our principals and merge with them for an alliance beyond just agencies and that is through Joint Ventures.

High Quality

Quality matters for us and we have placed it on the top of our criteria list while approaching any manufacturer or service provider to work along with. We have always respected our competitors appreciating that every brand delivers a certain quality for a certain budget or purpose and accordingly will sort its clients who appreciate or to whom suffices such level of quality.


The qualifications of our people make us stand out. We have brought together many years of experience in different fields including security, construction , IT & software engineering and general trading which are obtained in Europe, United States and Middle East.

 All-in-one solution

In order to save a time and energy taking co-ordination procedure which shall take place by the end user while using different brands, we have designed a complete package of their needs in the field of security and automation. The wide range of products varies from mechanical equipment and electrical systems, etc.

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