Five Reasons make us stand out from the crowd:

1- Quality

Quality matters for us and we have placed it on the top of our criteria list while approaching any manufacturer or service provider to work along with.

Having a high quality service we are assured that we stay aligned with our integrity while we are promoting it to our customers and further during its life time, that good quality will remain in the sight of the end user as an advertisement flag of our business.

We have always respected our competitors appreciating that every brand delivers a certain quality for a certain budget or purpose and accordingly will sort its clients who appreciate or to whom suffices such level of quality.

In other words, by promoting a good quality of product or service, we will select the clients with good tastes and high expectations who are in fact our future partners. We do quality business with quality customers.

In line with industrial automation, we have selected well-known brands for their quality which complies with the highest international standards where the details will be given in the coming pages.

2- All-in-one solution

In order to save a time and energy taking co-ordination procedure which shall take place by the end user while using different brands, we have designed a complete package of their needs in the field of security and automation. The wide range of products varies from mechanical equipment and electrical systems, etc.

In the event that the clients inquire a particular product out of our range, our experience helps co-ordinate and us to out-source the different protocols in order to deliver the best solution to serve that particular purpose.

3– Future Oriented Thinking

Future Oriented Thinking is a philosophy were desirable and undesirable future outcomes are being studied by connecting the present conditions and future possible results, balance between short-term and long-term goals as well as aligning the present activities with future destination and directions. In other words it leads us to stand proactive versus staying reactive against our requirements and urges may come up in near future.

In line with this philosophy and further to maintain the choices for our clients during the service period, we are placing the provisions for future upgrades as well the possibility of communicating with international protocols such as for home and factory automation.

Being highly innovative and market sensitive, we are able to improve our products and tailor them to the needs of the local markets.

4- Expertise

The qualifications of our people make us stand out. We have brought together many years of experience in different fields including security (from body guarding to aviation security), construction (from villas and warehouses to high-rise buildings), IT & software engineering and general trading (import and export) which are obtained in Europe, United States and Middle East.

These long years of experience have provided us with an adequate understanding of the Middle East market, awareness of its code of practice and common formats and practices of projects, hierarchy of organizations and international standards.

Aside from that, motivation, dedication and our other moral and ethical values have been the core of our company which has gathered and held us shoulder to shoulder.

5- Loyalty

Loyalty is a state wherein a person always selects another specific person to deal with for a certain purpose. In the business context loyalty is where customers keep using a particular brand or service over and over.

In other words, loyalty has come to exist when customers continue to select our brand or services again and again amongst all other choices that they have therefore we believe in order to stay being selected every time, we shall remain one of the best choices for them by maintaining and improving our quality in all fronts. We shall stay committed to our values and therefore shall “stay loyal to customers” in order to “achieve customers’ loyalty”.

We emphasize a personal mutual contact with a client. You can always reach a person who deals with your project directly as soon as you need. You can always monitor the progress of your project simply. We believe that our customers deserve a clear, direct and comprehensible communication.

You will not be left alone against your problems, technical dictionary, specific and professional terms, foreign words, etc. With us, you will always get an answer that you can understand for 100%.

The sizes of the projects do not matter for us, as we believe that if we select a project, it means important to us. On the other hand, through our experience, we know that regardless of the size, any project can get you a bigger one if the customer is satisfied and our commitments are fulfilled.

Management structure

Our staffs carry out various functions aimed at supporting and representing our partners, giving them a voice at international level and providing them with high quality and high-level standard performance.

Development and Manufacturing Offices

To support our clients in each field, we have other development / manufacturing / partner offices in other Emirates and countries, including Emirates of Sharjah, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, Austria and Canada. Staffed by dedicated regional team members for a better regional support and supply to regional companies. Fieldworkers recruited directly from partner projects aid them.

Head Office Team

The staff team based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates consists of Chief Executives, Assistant Chief Executive, project managers, sales manager, plus further members of staff dealing with information, publications, administration and finance.

Vision & Missions

Our Vision is to become a unique client-focused logistics service provider and suppliers of quality products in the global oil, gas and energy industries.


Niaar recognises that its partners and partnerships are valuable. The company understands and appreciates its partners’ circumstances, needs and goals, and delivers on given promise. Niaar respects the individual, help others to succeed and contribute to a positive working environment.


Niaar is dedicated to master its destiny through creative problem solving and innovative commercial solutions based on its values. The company’s strong, broad technical and commercial competencies will help it find simple solutions to complex problems.


Niaar will be the expert in recognizing opportunities, and understanding and managing risks. The company’s team and individuals are empowered to create, innovate and deliver within a framework of effective processes. The key to success is persistence, determination and commitment.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers drives everything we do.

We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customers’ success in the global marketplace and, most importantly, we provide our customers with confidence.

By leveraging our local service and global network, we enable our customers to dedicate their primary energies to their core business activities. We offer comprehensive programs and services, which draw on our industry specific knowledge and technical expertise. At Niaar, and as individuals, we:

Value trust and personal responsibility;
Act with integrity, honesty and respect;
Deliver excellent services which add value to our customers’ business;
Focus on continual growth and outstanding performance;
Strive to create a trusted work environment;
Value each employee’s contribution toward achieving our business objectives.
Promote a culture where motivated customer-oriented employees can flourish, experience professional fulfillment and reach their highest potential;
Respect diverse perspectives, experiences and traditions as essential.

Our commitment to delivering outstanding results through sound and thorough financial practices, superior profitability, stable growth and well-known Local GCC company will enable us to fulfill our mission while increasing sustainable shareholder value.